An Exploding Star Left Its Footprints at the Bottom of the Ocean

Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week explores the unknown corners NYC, an underwater supernova, and the real meaning of the so-called sharing economy. Enjoy! » 3/29/15 5:00pm Sunday 5:00pm

The Best of Gizmodo This Week

Our favorite posts on Giz this week cover everything from the surprising history of brands to the human lab rats researching nootropics on Reddit. We fucked around with some gadgets, baked a laptop in the oven, and paid a drunk guy to evaluate our web design. Then we swung a hatchet around. Enjoy! » 3/27/15 8:00pm Friday 8:00pm

So nerdily. The families in my neighborhood held a medieval-themed party in a cabin at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire. We all dressed up and everything. Because if the world ended at least we'd be safe on a remote mountaintop in medieval garb? I was 17... » 3/24/15 6:20pm 3/24/15 6:20pm

Why So Many Common Languages Are Second-Class Citizens on the Web

Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week's crop shines a light on the (white, male) bias of language on the internet and the prosthetics industry, and explores the desolate reality of Burma's urban experiment. Enjoy!
» 3/22/15 4:00pm 3/22/15 4:00pm

The Best of Gizmodo This Week

This week on Giz, we filmed the destruction of e-waste, explored the neuroscience of virtual reality and the curious cult of gadget destruction porn, and called out the troubling consequence of police body cameras. Here's a taste of our favorite stories. » 3/20/15 8:00pm 3/20/15 8:00pm

This is awesome thanks for being here. Did you 3d print any random useless stuff for FUN? What's the biggest misconception you think people having about life on the ISS? » 3/19/15 12:16pm 3/19/15 12:16pm

The Best of Gizmodo This Week

While Apple dominated the news (and much of Giz!) this week, we found time to rant about Kanye, explain why your internet is so shitty, and relaunch our community platform White Noise, where we want to hear from you, dear reader. Here are some of the best stories on Gizmodo this week. » 3/13/15 8:00pm 3/13/15 8:00pm

How Apple's ResearchKit Could Actually Help Improve Health Care

Our sister site Lifehacker does a deep dive into how Apple's new ResearchKit project—leveraging user data for medical research—will help the broken health care system. Despite the security concerns. Read on: » 3/10/15 1:11pm 3/10/15 1:11pm

Check Out the Wellcome Trust's Best Science Photos of the Year

What you're seeing in the photo above is a cross section of a cat's tongue, one of many pieces of scientific eye candy from our sister site io9. Enjoy. » 3/09/15 11:22am 3/09/15 11:22am

We Still Don't Know What the Vast Majority of Our DNA Does

Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week we explore the bizarre sex-in-a-box reality show, watch a writer compose an article in real-time, and learn how a single bulb can hack a whole smart home. Enjoy! » 3/08/15 3:50pm 3/08/15 3:50pm

The Best of Gizmodo This Week

This week we upped our security game, obsessed a bit over smartphones, sequenced the genetic material in an apartment, and literally saw the future of VR. Here's a look back. » 3/06/15 8:00pm 3/06/15 8:00pm

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Our friends over at Gawker's Antiviral are calling bullshit on the flood of lies and fakery on Facebook. Part one: "satire" news sites. Check it: » 3/03/15 12:52pm 3/03/15 12:52pm

You Can Hire a Spell-Caster on Etsy to Improve Your Sex Life

Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. Up this week: how to say "photobomb" in sign language, what it's like to hire a witch on Etsy, and why women are quitting tech in droves. Enjoy! » 3/01/15 5:00pm 3/01/15 5:00pm

Samsung's Got a Steve Jobs Problem

Welcome to Reading List, your weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week we learn the problem behind Samsung's design, why America's infrastructure is rotting, and on a less grim note, get a rare peek at the technology behind Magic Leap's mixed reality. Enjoy! » 2/22/15 4:00pm 2/22/15 4:00pm

What Do You Think Will Be the Doom of Civilization?

It's probably true that every generation thinks it'll be the last—I mean, the Doomsday Clock has been ticking since 1947. And though I accused us millennials earlier today of being the "generation that cried apocalypse," I fully admit there are some damn legit reasons for that cry currently brewing. » 2/19/15 6:00pm 2/19/15 6:00pm

Fit a Washing Machine in Your Apartment, with Help from Science

Washing machines aren't sexy until you have to choose between two hours or 20 bucks to get your underwear clean. After nearly a decade of that racket, I'm not ashamed to admit I lust for laundry unit of my very own. As it turns out, science is hard at work helping my mundane wet dream come true. » 2/16/15 10:25am 2/16/15 10:25am